Tuesday, January 29, 2008

critical mass gone wild

san diego critical mass - jan 25th, 2008
caught on camera. i love this town.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

m.j. zilla

this is one of my favourite girls out there. pay her respect.

Only In Zambia .. Part 1 (out of 4)
A reflection of the things I’ve experienced
On the Anniversary of my Two Years in Zambia,
January 26, 2008 - By Katie Price
  1. Only in Zambia, do the same four songs come out your village neighbor’s tape player for the entire day, every single day for half of a year, until they have enough money to buy a new tape
  2. Only in Zambia, does every other child have the name Mwape, Precious, or Chanda
  3. Only in Zambia, do you find little girls as young as 2 wearing hair weaves that make them look like “Muppets” characters
  4. Only in Zambia, do a group of young boys steal from you, and then you have to pay to transport them to the police
  5. Only in Zambia do your friends tell you they’ll make you a cake for your going away party, if you pay them for it
  6. Only in Zambia, because you’re leaving, does every single person you’ve ever met tell you that you need to give them a “remembrance” gift, forgetting that the deal goes two ways
  7. Only in Zambia, when you teach health, do villagers ask you to pay them a “sitting allowance”
  8. Only in Zambia, do twenty women come knocking at the window by your bedroom door at 2am, while drumming, wanting you to come out and dance by the moonlight
  9. Only in Zambia, with your girlfriends, for fun, do you wash clothes and draw water from the spring
  10. Only in Zambia, do you find a girl getting water from the spring while wearing a shirt, unknowingly, that says “I’d rather be shopping”
  11. Only in Zambia, does every girl your age have at least 1 child, is married, and is a domestic housewife only (do I not relate to women my age or what? )
  12. Only in Zambia, does every third man propose to you and say he will pay many cows to marry you
  13. Only in Zambia, do you find yourself sitting on an overloaded bus traveling from Lusaka to your village, only to have suitcases come falling down, hitting your nose, and bloodying it
  14. Only in Zambia, does a vehicle, once picking you up from town, never leave directly after. It must first pack the vehicle until people can’t exhale, then load everything from soybeans to bikes to chickens ontop of the car, until we can barely move we’re so overloaded, only to be stopped soon after by the road development agency
  15. Only in Zambia, do mothers feed their one year olds cokes and lollipops (choking-nah!)
  16. Only in Zambia, do mothers dress a baby in 3 layers of full body head to toe sweater sets on 98 degree days, not noticing the sweat beads accumulating on the child’s forehead
  17. Only in Zambia, will you travel on a vehicle with a box in the middle of it, later to find out it’s a coffin with a dead person in it (MARCUS!)
  18. Only in Zambia, are the mice bionic, chewing through suitcases, tupperware, bathing suits, and mosquito nets- somehow living through even eating poison as well
  19. Only in Zambia will you find a grandpa cycling faster than you while carrying his wife, his grandson, and then asking you to pick him up and carry you with him, which he does, somehow
  20. On in Zambia, do people who live on less than $1 a day singing and smiling all day long

critically massive

this is dustin. dustin runs an organization called Acirfa. "Acirfa is dedicated to developing the people of Africa through bikes to fight the mindset of poverty." he does this in zambia, of all places... i suspect our paths will cross with intention in the future.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sneaker bike

necessity is the mother of invention.
photo by nat pellman [onegearonemind]

green machine

Monday, January 21, 2008

eff the chargers

today i'm sick, but yesterday was great.

i met up with brad around 1:00 in the after noon at the fountain in balboa park.
i stuffed 3/4ths of a burrito before he got there, and ended up wishing that i had only stuffed half..

the day consisted of a dumpster tour of north park, university heightshillcrest, normal heights, kensington, and south park.

in the end the score was a bagel, wasabi peas, gummy dinosaurs, dried mango slices (my favourite), and flour covered bread.

brad's been suffering from some kind of mucus infestation of his nasal cavity

nothing but leafy greens were found...

the bicep

kensington, philadelphia - kensington is well-known throughout the region and the entire nation for being one of Philadelphia's poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhoods. Despite some recent revitalization, drug sales and frequent shootings continue to plague the area.

kensington, san diego - this upscale enclave on the southeast rim of mission valley is picturesque, with attractive (and pricey) spanish-styled homes for upwardly mobile yuppies. it's a peaceful pocket amid the hubbub of the inner city. there's a tiny business district along the single main artery adams ave.

the score

the dream

the bread

the payoff

Sunday, January 20, 2008


words by  GOOD magazine

The VeriChip, a small radio-frequency identity chip that is slightly longer than a grain of rice, has been FDA-cleared for human implantation. Should you switch doctors or need to be treated in a foreign hospital, an RFID reader can scan your VeriMed chip and use your unique ID to access VeriChip’s centralized database to produce your medical records. The chips themselves do not necessarily represent a threat to your privacy, because they don’t store the data. But the centralized databases certainly do.

Much more frightening, say civil liberties advocates, is the possibility that the VeriChip could be employed as a tracking device—though the manufacturer claims the chip cannot be read unless a sensor is held right next to it. In any case, Americans appear to prefer convenience to privacy: drivers of major freeways continue to sign up for the RFID-based toll device E-ZPass, even though the company has shared its vehicle tracking information with the FBI.

bicycles, music, food, bicycles

rode with my boy brad to O.B. tonight. we left at 10.
this was the route:

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mad cold. my ears were aching. i dunno if that happens to everyone or if i just have little girl ears.
kenny was playing a show with joel p. west.
i like my friends here. it doesn't take much to convince people to go out and do something fun.

we rode home at 1am....it was even colder. i lost pressure in my back tire, so climbing hills became even less enjoyable, if thats even possible.

i think we're doing a san diego sight seeing ride tomorrow / dumpster food scavenger hunt.
here's the text i got from brad:

Tour de san diego for phildelphia transplants and san diego degenerates. Plus scavenging for potluck food before joel p. west's potluck. tomorrow, early afternoon. F*ck the chargers, let's ride bicycles!

this'll be good.

-brother sundance

Thursday, January 17, 2008

mugged again

sucka took all my lunch money

Friday, January 4, 2008

soul vision

i've been making mix cd's, which doesn't sound as hip as a mix tape...but then again hip isn't anything i am for.
my friend kenny put's alot of time and thought into his mixes. i'm trying to, but i mostly throw them together.

all and all i should probably be placing my attention on more pressing issues.

-brother sundance

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

another year to pioneer


no explanation needed.

-brother sundance