Sunday, September 7, 2008

x-men and the vietnam war

i spent my final hour of the evening watching cartoons.

while watching them, i couldn't help but be reminded of draft board raids during the latter part of the vietnam war in the 70's (when most americans had grown very weary of a war that had no tangible purpose or foreseeable end...sound familiar?).

a draft board raid was the sabotage of united states draft office. the purpose was to interrupt the process through which tens of thousands of young american men were being drafted and sent to fight in vietnam. it was also held quite a bit of symbolism, as many of them were public.

they were carried out by activists who not only believed that the united states draft was unjust, but also that it perpetuated injustice. they held the belief (as i do) that when a law perpetuates injustice, it is necessary to break that law. these thoughts never crossed my mind when i was 9 years old.

i wont go into full detail, but watch these cartoons and then rent the camden 28.
food for thought

episode 1, part 1

episode 1, part 2

episode 1, part 3

episode 2, part 1

episode 2, part 2

episode 2, part 3

did you know very few episodes have been released on DVD, and according to, X-Men is the ninth most requested unreleased television show and the second most requested animated television show behind MTV's Daria. regardless, there are no plans for an official release of season box sets. also, disney has no interest in releasing any of the marvel animation projects.

youtube will have to do for now.

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xmen are my favorite.