Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the blue wonder

i found a camera at a local thrift store. "The JJ2000" - $3.95.
the features are as follow
  • a plastic black and blue body.
  • a plastic 50mm "optical color lens."
  • 4 f-stops (f6, f8, f11, & f16)
  • a hot shoe (untested)
  • nylon neck strap
  • a "passed quality" sticker

sunny? cloudy? it can handle it.

"passed quality." phew! i feel better

i tried to google it, but found nothing. i scanned in a few prints from my first roll on the mystery camera. not too bad. i'm pleased =)
(1oo speed film)


alterna180 said...


what kind of film?

Felicia Silly said...

I just found the exact same camera at a local thrift store too.

When I searched on google you're the only thing that came up.
It came with a half used roll so I'm excited to see what the previous owners photographed.