Sunday, August 10, 2008

how to plan printing

How to Plan Printing. published in 1987 by S.D. Warren Company, a subsidiary of Scott Paper Company, which you may be more familiar with.

found this gem at a local used bookstore. they guy at the counter didn't seem to understand my interest in the material.
"how to plan printing? isn't that what kinko's is for?"
i didn't respond. after reading this review of the shop at, i understand his tone a bit more.

81 pages. it covers design, production, typesetting, legibility, printing, binding and finishing, and paper. while some of it is outdated, it's refreshing and satisfying to keep these things a consideration.

i'm noticing now (while writing this) that the inside cover notes the paper stock used. the text stock is Lustro Dull, 80 pound. cover stock is Kivar 3-12 Graphic White Antique. i believe i'll be using kivar in the near future.

i'm pleased.


alterna180 said...

the cover. love. wow. great find!

Forrest said...

Yes! I love finds such as these... what book store were you at?